5 Cat-Friendly Ways To Add Vertical Space To Your Home

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Creating a cat-friendly environment in your home isn’t just about adding toys or a scratching post.

It’s about understanding and catering to your feline’s natural instincts.

Cats love to climb and observe their surroundings from a height, it’s a part of their predatory nature.

But how do you integrate this need into your home without compromising style or space?

In this guide, we’ll explore five innovative ways to add vertical space that you and your cat will love.

1. Cat Towers

Cat towers are the most popular way of adding vertical space to your home for your cat to explore.

Not only do they add space, but they can also include perches, beds and toys for your cat to play with and keep them active.

Cat towers come in all shapes, sizes and styles so you can find one that suits your home and your cat’s needs.

Ask yourself:

  • How tall should it be?
  • How many cats does it need to accommodate?
  • Where in the house should you put it?
  • What materials should it be made of?

There are unlimited options for all styles of cat towers, whether you want a minimalist one, a themed one or one that looks like a tree!

Kimmel Cat Tree by Archie & Oscar (Wayfair)
Henrietta Cat Tree by Archie & Oscar (Wayfair)

If you’re feeling crafty and good with tools, you could make your own DIY cat tower!

Via Instagram (@new.adventures.in.life)

2. Window and Wall Shelves

A window shelf is the perfect option for the cat that loves lounging around in the sun.

These have the added benefit of not taking up as much space as a cat tower.

Cats love watching what’s happening outside, especially if birds visit your garden.

Ozbourn Cat Window Perch Seat by Tucker Murphy Pet (Wayfair)

Wall shelves can also give your cat a great spot to sit and look over its home.

Lotus Leaf Cat Perch by The Refined Feline (Wayfair)

3. Bookcases

If you’ve already got bookcases in your home, you could make them cat-friendly with a few small changes.

Clear some books from a shelf so your cat has a place to sit.

Via Instagram (@ei_studio)

Remove any valuables or fragile items. Cats love to knock things off shelves!

Add scratch-proof covering where they climb up to prevent damage.

And there you have it!

If you don’t already have bookshelves but you want a piece of cat furniture that looks like one, these options are for you:

Drawer Mobile File Cabinet With Charging Station by Tucker Murphy Pet (Wayfair)

4. Climbing Walls

A climbing wall is the ultimate solution for vertical cat exploration.

The best ones are customizable and if you’re a dab hand with DIY then you can make anything you can dream of.

Armarkat Wall Series: Natural Wood Wall Tree Additions (Set of 2) by Amarkat (Wayfair)

We’ve seen entire rooms covered in platforms, ropes, tunnels and more to let a cat explore everywhere.

Wall-mounted Cat Tree Shelves by Tucker Murphy Pet (Wayfair)

You won’t get much better than this:

5. Door Trees

If a cat tower doesn’t fit in with your home’s aesthetic, then a door tree is a convenient option.

These are similar to a cat tower but attached to the back of a door so they are less visible and take up less space.

Just make sure it’s a door that is securely shut or can be held in one place so it doesn’t injure your cat.

K&H Pet Products Hangin’ Feline Funhouse Cat Furniture via Amazon

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