How Can I Reduce The Cost Of Cat Litter: Four Money-Saving Tips

As a cat owner, one of the ongoing expenses in your household budget is likely to be cat litter.

While it may not seem like a significant cost with each purchase, it can add up over time.

In this article, we will explore ways to reduce the cost of cat litter without compromising quality. We will discuss how to find the cheapest litter, the benefits of buying in bulk, and other tips and tricks to help you save money on this essential cat care item.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious cat owner or simply looking to stretch your money further, this article has something for you.

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How Can I Reduce The Cost Of Cat Litter

As a cat owner, you may find that purchasing cat litter can be expensive. Read more about why cat litter is so expensive here.

Fortunately, several ways exist to reduce litter-related costs and keep your cats happy and healthy.

One approach is to purchase recycled cat litter products; these materials are often less expensive and just as effective.

Adding odour-neutralising materials such as baking soda or activated charcoal can significantly extend the life of your cat’s litter while keeping things smelling fresh in between cleanings.

By employing these simple yet effective strategies at affordable prices, you can retain all the joys of living with cats without breaking the bank on their essential supplies!

How Can I Get Cat Litter Cheaper?

Price comparison sites are a great way to find the most competitive prices for cat owners looking to get litter cheaper. Searching for low-priced options online can help uncover offers from different retailers.

Additionally, it may be worth subscribing to the newsletters of pet supply outlets or signing up for their loyalty programs; this way, you can be aware of discounts, deals and special offers tailor-made for you.

Coupons and voucher codes are another way to help save on litter costs. Several websites list coupon codes, and many retailers will also send coupons by email or as part of loyalty programs.

Keeping an eye out for sales can also lead to good deals, particularly around online shopping holidays like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, as these tend to feature significant discounts on pet supplies, including litter. You can use these opportunities to buy in bulk if possible – see more below.

Finally, consider opting for store-brand products over leading brands wherever possible; often, brand products offer similar quality at a lower cost than more premium alternatives.

This is also true in the cat litter world, with some retailers’ own-brand offerings being incredibly cost-effective compared with major brands.

What Is The Cheapest Cat Litter You Can Buy?

It’s no secret that cat owners must purchase kitty litter to keep their furry companions comfortable. And while it is important to find an affordable option, it is also important to select a cleaner that is the most suitable for your pet and the environment.

Luckily, a few economical kitty litter brands are worth considering for cost-conscious pet owners.

For instance, clay-based clumping litter tends to be some of the most inexpensive yet effective types of cat waste management products on the market; this mixture typically costs less than $15 per bag.

Additionally, biodegradable paper pellets are another wallet-friendly selection and can be purchased at around $17 per bag; additionally, these pellets are often seen as more eco-friendly since they decompose faster than other kinds of litter.

wood pellet cat litter

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Ultimately, research and ensure you purchase something cost-effective yet high-quality for your adorable companion!

How To Use Less Cat Litter?

It’s no secret that cats use quite a bit of litter. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the amount of waste produced and save money in the long run.

Firstly, don’t put too much litter in the box at a time.

You only need 2-3 inches of cat litter in each box.

This gives your cat enough litter to bury their waste without making a mess when they get in and out or dig through the litter.

In general, silica gel crystals and clumping cat litter are easiest to use less as you can easily take out the dirty litter and top it up rather than having to clean out the litter tray every other day.

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Other options, such as non-clumping cat litter and recycled wood pellets, are not too far behind, but you will use more non-clumping cat litter than clumping. However, these may be cheaper in the long run if they cost less.

Something like paper cat litter requires a lot more to be effective. 

It’s helpful to use a larger litter box than usual; this reduces waste overall. Some special litter pans use sensor-activated lids to help contain messes and spillage of excessive fresh litter outside the box.

If investing in one of these seems impractical, using an extra large garbage bin for your cat’s regular disposal needs may also prove effective – try filling it with newspaper before adding a more conventional filler like dirt or sand.

If your kitty is sanitary-minded, an automatic self-cleaning model may be just what they need – it saves time while eliminating odour-creating bacteria and other unsightly particles.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Cat Litter In Bulk?

Purchasing cat litter in bulk is a cost-effective way of stocking up on necessary supplies.

For cat owners, buying larger quantities can be drastically cheaper; rather than multiple small bags, buying a large litter container can save them money in the long run.

This is especially true for those with several cats that might compete for litter supply and usage.

We’ve looked at the cost of purchasing some popular cat litter brands, and it’s clear that buying larger packs or multipacks is considerably cheaper per lb.

Cat Litter BrandSize (lb)Price ($)$/lb
Purina Tidy Cat3.519.205.49
Purina Tidy Cat14 52.253.73
Arm & Hammer Platinum1817.991
Arm & Hammer Platinum4032.990.82
Fresh Step Multi Cat1410.490.75
Fresh Step Multi Cat2514.680.59

How Can I Reduce The Cost Of Cat Litter – Summary

Cat litter can be a significant expense for cat owners, but there are many ways that you can save money in this area.

Whether shopping around to compare prices or buying cat litter in bulk, these strategies will help you keep your costs down without sacrificing the quality and hygiene of your cat’s litterbox.

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